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Welcome Member,


Thank you for contracting our alert services for financial options. From now you will receive our Day Trade Alerts Service at this email address you have provided.


The service includes:


1. Clear, precise and simple trades alerts.


2. Each trade includes input price information and constant monitoring of how the trade is evolving.


The financial options alerts issued by our system are mostly Day Trade, and each trader is the one who ultimately decides when to close. Usually, our alerts have an average weekly profit above 30%. We are the best team of specialists in stock markets who offer you the opportunity to benefit from our experience.

Our recommendation is to manage a stop loss of 30-40% in each trade (exception when we notify a change).




1. Buy all the alerts that are sent, to have greater chance of winning and reduce the exposure to the risk of losing.


2. Fridays are high risk, so our system does not issue alerts due to the expiration date of contracts.


3. Be aware of the email, since the alerts will be sent by this means, and the client should invest as soon as possible in the recommended trade. If not, it is likely that the entry price is very far from the recommendation.


4. Follow the evolution of the stock price vs option contract price, and analyze MACD (main indicators).


5. Configure charts in Time Frames 1, 2 and 5 minutes. 


6. Good coordination between check mail and buy the contracts on the platform. Time is the main key to win money with us.


7. Alerts will send in the first 45 minutes of every day. Our effective is make money in 2 hours maximum.




Every day between 8:30 a.m. - 9:10 am. EST you will receive our Watch-list with the potential contracts that have been analyzed in the Pre-Market. From these contracts we will send an alert when the entry signals indicate it.


1. You should incorporate that Watch-list into your platform and wait for the mail(s) from 9:30 a.m. with the signal.


2. The success of trading with NYO depends on how quickly you check the mail and buy the contract at a similar price to that suggested. 


3. The NYO Trading is highly effective, we do it in the first 45 minutes of the start when there are better opportunities, once the market stays side we do not operate.


4. Our philosophy is to invest in one or two contracts, and every day finish positive with profit above 20%, the ambition or the desire to grow accounts is not part of our recommendation.


We try that the Trader generates sustainable income only in the first  hours of the morning.

If some day after 9:10 a.m EST, you do not have the Watch-list , please check your Junk Mail or Spam.


Remember, every trader decides when to close contracts based in Technical Analysis (MACD and Pivot Points).


Welcome back and we are pleased that you are part of our network of customers around the world.

Please Note: By accepting our subscription to NYOptions you fully accept our Legal Disclosure Statement




The New York Options


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