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Welcome Member,

Thank you for contracting our alert services for financial options. From now you will receive our Swing Trade Alerts Service at this email address you have provided.

Our system automatically collects market data and analyzes a number of various indicators continuously. As soon as our system alerts us to an opportunity, an automated e-mail is sent to our members. In addition, email alerts are sent as soon as any changes occur with our signals!

Our proprietary system looks for an array of situations and includes both short (1-5 days) and long term (1-4 weeks) option plays. Also the system looks for unusual option volume, parabolic price/time movements, drastic changes in the relative strength and a host of other studies. These factors are then given a score based on the values in each of the studies.

Our system has proven to give successful results exiting positions in a relatively short time frame. Keep in mind that our system identifies opportunities which are on the verge of explosive movements in either direction. The key is to be in the position before the move occurs.

 We email the alerts and we indicate the exact option, a stop loss point and also an exit. The system is 100% automated. Emotions play no role in our trading.

 Our method:

  • Easy to get started quickly


  • Easy to understand


  • Outstanding support. We're only a click away for answers to your questions. We're here to serve you, and welcome every question.


  • You can profit in any type of market. Bull market, bear market or still market you can make money. With our system, you can make money in all market conditions.


  • Effortless trading. We recommend how and when to open and close your trades.


  • An emphasis on quality. We feature only high-quality trades. Quality, not quantity, keeps commission costs low.


  • We never receive compensation for the trades we recommend. Many companies are compensated to recommend trades. We do not have a hidden agenda. Our trades are based on research, not corporate interests.

Below are a few of the benefits our clients are privileged too:


  • Clear trade alerts delivered via email.

  • Exact entry price, stop price, and target.

  • But most importantly, the Why. We do not blindly trade as other services do. We inform our clients as to why we are entering this position at the current time.

1. Buy all the alerts that are sent, to have greater chance of winning and reduce the exposure to the risk of losing.

2. Be aware of the email, since the alerts will be sent by this means, and the client should invest as soon as possible in the recommended trade. If not, it is likely that the entry price is very far from the recommendation.

3. Follow the evolution of the stock price vs option contract price, and analyze MACD (main indicators).

4. Configure charts in Time Frames 180D 4hrs, 20D 1hr and 1Y1D

5. Alerts may be sent at any time of the day and any day of the week but alerts are not necessarily sent every day.

Welcome back and we are pleased that you are part of our network of customers around the world.


Please Note: By accepting our subscription to NYOptions you fully accept our Legal Disclosure Statement




The New York Options


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